About Us

Hi. This blog is run by three American girls, otherwise known as the “Really Small Gang.” Krysta, Maddie, and Bethany share a common goal: to live and study abroad in London, England. Here is where we’ll blog about how we plan to make it happen.

Krysta (17), recently graduated high school with the Class of 2013. She lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her family. Krysta plans to study acting/theatre in London to launch a career as a film star.

Bethany (16), is in her junior year of high school. Bethany lives in Portsmouth, Virginia and studies dance at multiple studios. Once she graduates, she wants to continue dance at Urdang Academy in England. The girls plan to go overseas after Bethany graduates, some time in early 2015.

Maddie (17), is right smack in the middle of Krysta and Bethany, having started her final year of high school this September. She lives across the James River Bridge from the other girls in the city of Newport News. Maddie enjoys photography/cinematography and is training to be an engineer at TNCC.

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